How to draw Three-Quarter View Cartoons

Three-Quarter View Cartoon Features to Mix and Match and Create your own Cartoons, just click on a link.

Señalar a estas caricaturas haga clic en las siguientes casillas.


انقر على المربع لرسم التعليمات.

La Caricature de trois-quarts de Vue Présente pour Mélanger et Egaler et Créer vos propres Caricatures, juste cliquer sur une boîte.

Para chamar estes cartoons clique sobre as caixas abaixo dessa frase.

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Facing right- 3-4 view eyes 2nd cover Facing right- 3-4 view noses 2nd cover  
Facing right- 3-4 view mouths 2nd cover Facing right- 3-4 view faces 2nd cover  
Facing right- 3-4 view bodies 2nd cover
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Facing right- 3-4 simple lesson


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