Gary Finelli Fine Art Drawings

Man with Beard
Cartoon Strip small
After Rembrandt
Gensis 3 small
Elissa Lin small
Jesus and Me small
Illuminated Manuscript - And God Saw That It Was Good
NH Landscape small
Mom small
Nicodemus ponders Jesus's teachings small
On the Mountain Top small
Portrait 2 small
Portrait 3 small
Portrait and Landscape small
Black Horse small
Red Horse 1 small
Saul on the Road to Damascus 2 small
Portrait of a Black Man small
Portrait of a Friend small
Two Views From Bear Mountain small
Portrait small
Self Portrait small
Two figures of Conrad small
The Subduing of Saint Sebastian for Martyrdom small
The Last Door of Naria small


Becky and her Father resized small Sea Serpents small Agnes and Horace discover something big _small
Horace and Agnes on the island for the first time small
Agnes, Horace and Walter looking at Eric caught in the vines small
Everyone looking at Baby Tommy small
Christmas card
Christmas card
Teddy Bear Boxer small
Mark Twain's Personal Story small
Squirrel small